Aim of the DocQI online course

The DocQI online course is designed by and for General Practitioners / Family Doctors  (GP/FD) as an introduction to the concept, content and practice of Quality Improvement (QI) in their everyday work. However, it  can  also be used by other members of the primary care team and/or students/residents in medicine and/or general practice.  The course operates in four languages: English, Polish, Slovenian and Czech, and thus  provides you possibility to continue the course in your native tongue.

This educational programme  is designed as an on-line learner- directed experience to help GP/FD  as well as their staff to become proficient and confident in analyzing and improving the healthcare services they provide their patients. Specifically, participants will learn about and develop strategies for improving the quality of their healthcare practices in the following areas of concentration:

  • Patient care and safety
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the clinical practice of medicine
  • Key components of equity and principles of equity and ethical practice
  • Methods and tools of quality improvement, and,
  • Continuing professional development (CPD).

In order to achieve these goals and accommodate your busy schedule, this educational program is designed as an “on-line self-navigated” learning opportunity to equip GPs /FDs and their staffs the necessary knowledge, skills and leadership behaviors to create an environment of excellence in clinical and management practice. 


The structure of the DocQI online course

The structure of the course is built in a modular framework that participants are able to follow according to their own learning needs and pace. Each module ends with a revising test which helps you to check whether you acquired new part of materials, or not. You will have a  chance to repeat the test once again later on,  if you feel that your knowledge shall be revised and upgraded.


Content of the DocQI online course

The DocQI course consists of three modules with links to material with more details:

  • Module I – Introduction to the Concepts, Principles, & Models of Quality Improvement ending with a QI Competency Self-assessment.
  • Module II – Setting targets for improvement, measures for improvement, managing and implementing changes using the Plan- DO –Change- Act cycle.
  • Module III – Ethics ,Leadership, Implementation  & Managing Change.

We have designed and developed this curriculum to provide an educational experience using four approaches to present and reinforce your learning opportunity. These approaches include …ReadWatchPracticeApply.  First, we will present you with a brief overview of the topic at hand and include a series of links to resources on the topic to expand your learning.  Second, in most cases we will provide a hyperlink to a video on uploaded on YouTube to include a “blackboard” recorded example or elaboration of the material you have just seen.  Third, each module will have a combination of some exercises for you to practice yourself or with your staff to help reinforce your lesson, but, we will present you with a series of “test questions” to determine how much you have retained from the module and provide feedback about areas you may want to repeat.  And, fourth, we will help you launch your application of what you have just learned in your own medical practice setting.


We offer you an unique online course devoted to quality improvement in Family Medicine.

Please create your user’s account and log in to the course in order to follow the DocQI course which will guide you thought the way to a better quality

Trainings contents
Module I
Quality in General Practice: An Introduction
Module II
Defining the Problem and Taking Actions
Module III
Ethics, Leadership, Implementation & Managing Change